Tim Wakefield has been gigging in and around Sheffield for the last 20 years. You may have caught him with The Buskateers, with Bison, the Sheffield party band, with the Stereotactic Radiosurgeons, The Way, The Cosmic Lounge Pirates, The Buds, or The Conduits. Failing that you may have seen him with one of the many fine house bands of Sheffield's Open Mics, blasting out some Texas Blues. Lately, you can catch him promoting his latest album 'Gospel Sketches', and his upcoming release 'Whitsuntide'.

His pursuit of excellence in music has inevitably led him to discover the spiritual roots of music and this is reflected in his latest work. He is also a veteran busker. If you ask him why, after all this time, he hasn't yet achieved that elusive number one, with a twinkle in his eye he will tell you, "The game is rigged!" Of course it is, Tim! :-)