Julian Jones is a singer/songwriter and musician from Sheffield, England. His music has an American country/British Indie influence with a Spaghetti Western tinge making it a little more unique to the country music sound. You cannot put his music into the 'country music' box, as he makes no claim to being the genuine article by any means. ' I just like the hats and boots' he did say.

There is a definite nod towards the country scene which Julian does love and has had first hand experience in, in his travels and performances in Austin and Nashville as well as the UK.

Julian has introduced ’One Shoe On and One Shoe Off' 'Nostalgia Blue' 'Multi-coloured Canyons' and the album he has written for singer Lindsay Dracass 'Waiting for You'. Julian is releasing his fourth solo album on the 9th July 2021: Looking From Where I Stand.