Having made a name for himself in South Yorkshire's bars and clubs as one of the region's most beloved singer-songwriter, James Taplin, 'The Voice' of bluesy-roots and acoustic rock & soul, is paving the way for a promising future ahead. 

Lyrically, James invokes well-worn tales of yore, refocused through modern glasses, and reveals a place equal parts New Orleans street corner and Don Valley labour club. He paints a picture of the struggles of life for the working man, and how friendship, love, and heart, all work powerful miracles to bring joy and hope into our darkest days. James has been vocally captivating audiences across the country, evoking the timbre of B. B. King and Billy Joel, to the power of James Brown, with a spoonful of James Taylor's hypnotic resonance. James Taplin delivers a fresh response to what the UK music scene is urgently asking for, originality, with heaps of classic, profound songs.